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May 2024//


"There is always something more we can do. 
There's always an effort worth making for our planet. 

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself alarmed by a piece of arresting news, which, in our current climate, shouldn’t come as such a splintering surprise.


Amid my Sunday morning routine of slow sips of piping hot coffee, and assiduously catching up on the week’s news, one particular piece crept up on me like an engulfing tidal wave: we’ve just experienced the hottest March ever recorded. And that was the tenth month in a row that broke records for all the wrong [worrying] reasons. 


We normally celebrate news of record-breaking events as heroic feats of victory. But not this time. There’s still vast division on the climate crisis. Those that don’t believe it’s happening shield from news of tenets of tragedy and lambast bodies of evidence as sensationalism, and ‘fake news’. 


Those who do believe, are scared, and enthralled in what feels like a fruitless battle against a glaring reality. Even for well-informed audiences, information overload can become confusing, and we often find ourselves bamboozled into submission. Then we’re left to question whether it’s we really do need to take act and combat this problem as a collective armament, or whether it’s just a new norm we need to accept and adapt to.

When we invest more time to investigate the facts surrounding our climate crisis, we uncloak a host of worrying truths. Catastrophic consequences are revealed, and we come to understand the very real destruction of our earth is infuriatingly in the shameless name of money.

Profit, greed and power are pushing our earth to her limits. Along with her dilapidation, we fall victim to mass exploitation as companies continue to cut their costs for the sake of increasing profits, playing a dicey game with the future of our planet - and our lives.

Within the same seminal Sunday morning sipping and flicking session, I also read a worrying report about ‘ghost roads’ being carved through [currently] unspoilt rainforests in the South Asian Pacific region. In this article, scientists revealed that, historically, these ghost roads signified impending destruction via deforestation and land-flattening (often illegally, but sometimes supported by cash-strapped governments desperately needing money), to grow destructive products like palm oil. 

Even though these revelations might be met with unease and uncertainty – fear not. There’s always something more we can do. 


There’s still an effort worth making for our planet.

Billie Eilish recently lamented at the tapering off of efforts against fighting global governments on their lacking efforts against preserving our planet for prosperity. With candour and commendable bravado, she said, “Some people are like, well why bother if we’re all going to die anyway…well, if that’s the case, so why not do the right thing while you’re alive?”.

I couldn’t agree more. We must have hope. If we don’t, what do we have? Our hope drive’s us to keep fighting for our purpose. To keep fighting for our planet.  

In May’s edit, we celebrate people and businesses making authentic efforts to work in harmony with our planet, while treating their workers fairly and creating products that genuinely enhance wellbeing for consumers. Together, let’s make May the month we start reembracing intuitive living, delineating respect for our planet through conscious, sustainable choices.


As they say, there is no planet B and we are lucky enough to be on this planet right here, right now. Let’s work together to take care of Mother Earth and remain unrelenting in our mission to reclaim a planet that’s rightfully ours.

With love and light, 


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Practice: @charliefollows

With her loving Scottish lilt and gentle demeanour, Charlie Follows is the rising queen of yoga that truly serves the soul. 

Delivering dynamic flows in an accessible way, Charlie cultivates an authentically intuitive experience. 

Across her multiple social channels, she's admirably worked hard to cultivate a sense of community amongst her followers - an often futile feat in the digital yoga world, but one she has mastered with grace and aplomb none the less.  

Shop: Boody 

Engendered in the magical terrain of Australia, where laid back living demands an extensive wardrobe of undies, Boody creates fashion-forward, functional undies from sustainable bamboo. 

Recently expanding their collection to include chic loungewear and separates like tanks, tees, and vests, the conscious cabal are blazing a trail in reformulating how we perceive sustainable and fair fashion. 

Care: Elemis

Pioneering ethical luxury, Elemis are still key contenders in the cruelty free, sustainability race. 

Born and bred in Britain over 30 years ago, Elemis champion a scientific approach using natural ingredients. 

Multi-award winning icons in the beauty industry and beyond, the brand continue to prove their commitment to customer wellbeing through innovative expansion of clinically-researched, results proven products. 

Listen: Beautiful Chorus

If you aren't yet familiar with the transcendental tones of Beautiful Chorus, now is the time to head to Spotify and hit download. 

Harmonious and immersive the trio deliver a unique, contemporary take on spiritual song. A blend of tender notes weaves a majestic tapestry serving to transport the mind to an alternate dimension. 

Emanating through the body, Beautiful Chorus' music will be a transformative addition to your asana practice. 

Nourish: Joyfull

Self-confessed purveyors of all plant provender, we eagerly anticipated the drop of Radhi's debut book.


And it did not disappoint. 

Former dietitian Radhi gently guides us through the alchemy of Ayurveda - yoga's scientific scientific lifestyle system, employing practical adaptations for twentieth century. A truly enjoyable introduction to Ayurveda, this is a dream for any plant-based cook or enquirer alike. 

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empowering you to live an informed life.

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