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Five IG accounts to follow if you're in your yoga era right now

Everybody starts somewhere and everybody finds yoga when the time is right for them. There are many reasons to want to start practicing yoga. For most people, it starts with the physical principle of the practice but there are many avenues to explore in yoga.

From ramping up fitness and agility with physical asana flows, to investing time in yourself through meditation and introspection; or fulfilling deeper spiritual needs with acts of karmic kindness, the yoga era is deeply personal but within easy reach, whatever your reasons for starting.

And with a wealth of online resources to guide you through your first steps on your yogic path, there's no better time to establish a regular practice than now.

But often, starting is easier said than done.

Amongst the wealth of resources are mesmeric depictions of contorted practitioners on social media, and an overwhelming lexicon on yoga-focused websites and books, adding confusion and intimidation to self-starting your yoga practice.

A little unequivocal guidance and disambiguated information is needed. If you dig deep enough, social media is guaranteed to have the answer.

So you don't have to dig, we've curated a selection of five of the most informative, inspirational, and aesthetically astounding IG yogi accounts to set you off on the right foot.

A creative and philosophical nucleus, Samadhi Collective is a spiritual sanctuary amongst the turbidity of modern life. Consciously crafted by sister’s Kamala and Jahnavi, a curated space dedicated to the philosophical and theological branches of yoga emerge. From chanting to sutra readings, and all auspicious moments of the traditional Hindu calendar explanate, a seemingly effortlessly curated, and immensely informative space is born.

And with each piece of philosophical content vividly punctuated with intentional art, a sense of aesthetic fulfilment is invoked with calming allure.

Samadhi, meaning a state of pure transcendence, is the perfect moniker for the channel created by Kamala and Jahnavi. Rife with purposeful, informative content for those seeking to expand their knowledge of yogic philosophy or delve deeper into the meditative medium of mantra recitation, a derision of distinct archangelic undertones is evident.

And there is no two more qualified people to deliver such enigmatic, intelligent and sacred content. Born in England, the sisters were raised in India, Netherlands, and USA, and have spent the past 18 months residing in Nepal. Maturing alongside the wisdom-window that is the Ganges, both Kamala and Jahnavi were understandably drawn to studying philosophically related subjects, with a natural evolution into their offerings through Samadhi Collective.

Kamala is an esteemed academic with an MPhil in Sanskrit and Indian philosophy from Oxford University, and an Art History graduate from Cortauld Institute of Art (London). Kamala is instrumental in guiding Samadhi Collective’s philosophy offerings, and authors informative philosophical posts for the channel. Jahnavi is an established purveyor of the arts, having studies traditional Indian miniature painting in Rajasthan. Furthering her artistic expression, Jahnavi’s also a certified Hatha yoga teacher. Sole creator of the mirthful artworks punctuating Samadhi Collective’s posts, Jahnavi joins sister Kamala to deliver dedicated mantra singing sessions.

Discover more about Kamala & Jahnavi's offerings:

2. Talia Sutra (@talia_sutra) - asana practice & travel

An elegant effagy of an embodied yoga, Talia Sutra is a shooting star on the modern yoga scene. As an ambassador for active wear brand Alo Yoga, she captivated the hearts and incited wonder into the souls of a global audience.

On first inspection, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Talia's just another IG sensation, with poses promoting insurmountable feats of the human body. But when you listen to her story, and learn more about her work outside of brand affiliation, you quickly realise she is a devout practitioner following an ancient discipline in a twenty-first century world.

Striking the delicate balance between yogic philosophy and accessible asana practice, Talia's online offerings are approachable and relatable. She sympathises that yoga isn't a spiritual experience for all and offers suitable flows and practice to suit. But for those who do want to taste more of the yogic fruit, there's plenty of dogma and philosophy to sink your teeth into. As well as being a world-class teacher who runs esteemed yoga retreats all over the world, Talia is also a committed vegan, promoting the philosophy of ahimsa: non-violence, of which is an integral part of being a yogi.

Born in Israel and raised Jewish, Talia has been immersed in theological and spiritual culture since birth; possibly a precursor for her prevarication into yoga and its rich spiritual highway. Talia is also a mother to two beautiful children, and a wife to partner Ezra, all of whom regularly feature on her social media channels and share her passion for leading a life in accordance to the fundamental principles of yoga.

Discover more about Talia's yoga teacher trainings and retreats at

3. Boho Beautiful ( - asana practice & lifestyle

For the few people on planet earth who haven't yet found the trail-blazing duo that is Boho Beautiful, this will be a discovery that changes your life.

Founded on YouTube by Juliana and Mark Spicoluk back in 2016, their beginnings seem prosaically humble compared to the stratospheric popularity they've acquired by 2024.

Describing their content as yoga, travel, and lifestyle, the dynamic duo have spent almost a decade offering free intentional and enlightening content to their followers.

With a popularity superseding all their original expectations, they've since diversified away from exclusively broadcasting on YouTube, branching out to launch their own app and a portfolio of consciously-oriented sub-brands (including a limited edition yoga apparel line, Awakened Bohemian, and podcast series: Stars & Destruct).

Receiving worldwide acclaim in the yogic sphere, Juliana & Mark aren't your average yoga content creators. They are preponderant of a better world and cultivators of optimum existence.

Through an active and loyal community of aligned souls across the globe, they admirably embody the principles of all spokes of the yogic wheel by continuously creating purposeful content, as well seeking opportunities to give back to society and advocating for those who cannot fight for themselves.

A distinct devotion to nature and earth, Boho Beautiful transcends the physical portion of yoga practice. Wholesome and enchanting, when you're in their presence - whether in a yoga or meditation class, a conscious travel video, or an intentional community livestream - you know you are involved in something truly special.

Immerse yourself in Mark & Juliana's world:

4. Pam Jones (@karmacoco) - practice & spirituality

Ex-fashion designer turned full-time Dharma yoga teacher, Pam Jones is living proof that embarking upon a yoga journey can take unexpected turns.

Growing up as a dancer, Pam was naturally drawn to physical movement and using it as a medium for self-expression. As a young adult, Pam turned away from a dance career and pursued further education, choosing to study design as an assuage to her intrinsic creative needs. Eventually taking a fashion job in New York, Pam serendipitously stumbled upon Dharma Yoga. And the rest is history.

Imbuing her loyal legion of fellow Dharma yogis with her holistic, wholesome incarnation of yoga, Pam is a fast-rising tour de force in the yoga realm. Her mesmeric practice is reinforced by tightly woven needle point philosophy, simple and unembellished for pure living. A devout vegan and all-round embodiment of goodness and light in a shadowy world, Pam is the best discovery you'll make on your yoga journey.

Journey along your yogic path with Pam:

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